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This review was posted at Under The Covers3.5 StarsThis is a difficult book to review and even rate. There are things that I loved about it, and things that were, well... boring!This book picks up kinda where the last one left off. Riley was bitten by both Arcos brothers and she now has to deal with having strigoi tendencies. She is experiencing a sort of detox period andis taken by the Dupres to Da Island. She has some times of lucidity and times where she goes crazy and wants to take a bite out of everyone. So up until now I was enjoying the book alright. But this kept going on and on.First of all, let me pause here for a minute to daydream. Eli is HAWT! He has come to terms with the fact that he is in love with Riley. For the first time in his whole existence. And he has no problem showing her just how much she belongs to him. Tell me what girl can resist him? Of course Riley doesnt and she just has to jump his bones at every opportunity. Which was fine with me ;) As a couple they are great. These are the parts of the book that worked for me. Their chemistry, their interactions, their connection. Loved it.OK, back to reality. When Riley finally tries to go back to a normal life after shes been reunited with her brother, who only has tendencies as well, and they both been properly trained in their new abilities and the proper way of fighting and killing vampires. After there are a bunch of vampire newlings running around. But then Victorian starts showing up in Rileys head again. And the bitch wont tell Eli!OK, Ill admit I actually started having a bit of asoft spot for Victorian. He is obsessed, a bit psycho, but hes tender! LOLExcept thats not the only visions/visits Riley has. Someone else is inside of her head. She starts seeing a vampire continuosly raping and killing human females. She has to feel everything that he was feeling, and seeing the terror in the victims faces as if she was there. But she cant do anything about it. Its as if shes trapped in the killers conscience. But how can that be possible? The only other possible candidate for getting in her head is Valerian, and hes dead. Isnt he?So they are dealing with stopping a monster thats killing humans, finding Victorian, a group of newling vampires thats going rampid around town and surrounding areas. But with all that going on the pace of the book seemed slow to me. I cant quite put my finger on the why.Onto something else I liked. New character alert: Noah!!! I think hes adorable! Dreads and all! Especially everytime he calls Eli a Lucky fuck!. Luc is another favorite of mine, Im glad we get to see plenty of him in this book, and I hope he gets together with Nyx in the last book of the trilogy. Theyd make the cutest couple.I love that this author does the accents for Preacher, Estelle and Garr. Those bits where always so much fun to read, refreshing at times.However, the ending? Why? What a mess! For a smart, kick ass, usually pretty level-headed girl, Riley made a mistake going at this alone and putting her trust in a certain someone. Eli is going to be majorly pissed!!!! Oh well... I guess well just have to wait for the spectacular make up sex then! LOL

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